Sunday, 13 March 2011

Gifts for baby Eryna Iman

Three weeks ago, my dear friend Didi gave birth to her second child, a little girl she named Eryna Iman. As she was born about two weeks shy of her projected due date, I find myself frantically searching for an easy booties and a baby beanie pattern. Luckily I managed to find easy patterns for both and though I have never done any booties before, I was fairly confident that I could finish at least the booties that night itself. 

So I opened up the pattern on my laptop and got all of the material ready and started to crochet; I had used US size 4 crochet hooks and Sirdar Snuggly's 4-ply yarn in pink for the gifts I intended to set as present for baby Iman. 

I should have learned from my first project (the Bucket Hat) that crochet is NOT THAT EASY, but me being me, I always don't even listen to myself. I soon found out that working with fingering material such as baby yarns is much different than working with a medium weight yarn. I kept on opening up the stitches as it became too tight and curly. After a few hours' attempt, then only did I get the sole of the first booties right. However, I got so tired emotionally and in mind that I decided to continue the next day.

The next day was the same with the front part of the booties; I finished that part after a few hours and I go to sleep right after to recharge my soul. And the day after it was also the same routine when I did the back part and the top. All in all it took me three days to finish one tiny booties. THREE DAYS. Phew! 

Luckily it took me two days to finish the other half and after five days 'meditating' in my room (that's what my mum call it when I'm quietly crocheting in my locked up room), I finally have a pair of booties in my hands. I felt very proud of it as booties were the source of my inspiration to crochet at the first place, and now having being able to whip up a pair, I felt like there's nothing else I couldn't do!

So I went down to show them to my mum and as expected, she squealed and gushed over the tiny pair of booties. But once she inspected them, she frowned.

"Don't you think it's way too small for a newborn baby?" She said.

It never occurred to me before; I may have paled a little at the possibility but I went on to look at her incredulously. "Ma, newborn babies are small." I answered, as if I had known better than a lady who had given birth to five children and had cared for many more when she was working as a nurse.

"It might not fit her."

Me being me, I pushed that thought away into the farthest back of my mind, but when I started to crochet the beanie, the thought might has slipped through as I was careful enough not to make it too small. The beanie was done in a day and I boxed up the gifts nicely.

Finally, a week after she was born, I paid baby Iman and her mama a visit. I was happy when mama Didi said that she loved my gifts, but as she put on the booties on baby Iman's tiny feet, I looked on with baited breath, worrying that my mum might be right. But fitted her perfectly!!

I was so relieved but noted that it might not fit her until she is two months even, so I made a mental note to use a bigger hook next time and try to find out other ways on how to make it bigger. As for the hat, it is a bit too big for baby Iman and I foresee that she could only wear it when she is four months and above. However, big brother Ameer thought that it would fit him nicely and here he is demonstrating it...

Poor Ameer! It's too wittle wittle for him :( Aunty Jaja has made a mental note to herself that she would have to crochet one that would fit him too :)

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