Sunday, 13 March 2011

Aiyayaii workspace...

When something wrong but is not too serious happened to me, I would instinctively say, "Aiyayaii..." Most of the time it gets uttered out loud (some profanities might trail afterwards, depending on the severity of the event), and sometimes the word just materialized in my mind only. I do not know how I picked it up, but somehow I must have exchange it for "Sh*t!" for I used to utter that all the time until I was told off by my mum; the elders at bookshops, groceries marts and shopping malls also would give me 'The Look' if they happen to be near me when I utter that word. But since I exchange it with "Aiyayai...", I never get 'The Look' anymore, so I settled for it.

Anyway, last Friday I took a step back and had the privilege of observing my workspace as the computer system that I was working with was running at an incredibly tortoise rate, and I was taken aback. I had worked for the present organization for a year, yet my workspace looked as if I had only been there for less than a month! 

What a shame...tsk tsk tsk... I may have put something here and there, but all in all, the place still looked quite bare and messy...and male like, mind you. Even Mr. J whose workspace is next to mine has got better decorations and seemed more lady-like than mine.

Very well...I've pledge that I will get the place spruced up in a month's time. Perhaps even crochet a few things to hang and make everyone jealous of me...hehehe. That's not a good thought, isn't it, Mr. Angel Boo Boo?

"Yes master, that's not a very nice thought."

The day he says that or says anything at all, I will demand that my workspace be changed and Mr. Angel Boo Boo will find himself flung out of the window as far away as possible from the office building...bbrrr!!

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